Professional Partners

Establishing professional partners is key to provide the best range of services to my customers. The following list of professional service providers are chosen for their knowledge in their specific field. Some I have known for many years and can rely on their credibility.

Custom Kitchen:

New England Woodworks, Springvale, ME

Lewis Libby carries a full line of manufactured cabinets. Brands including Merrillat, Armstrong and Cardell in a variety of wood finishes and laminates. From complete kitchen layouts to bathroom vanities they offer an affordable alternative to custom built cabinetry. Providing full layout design and a showroom full of options, New England Woodworks can help bring reality to your kitchen remodeling plans.

Drafting & Design:

Gregg Donnelly Graphics Designer, Kennebunk, ME

Gregg's list of credentials would fill this page. His understanding of design is not limited to the drafting table. He is just as comfortable behind the saw and capable of building everything he has designed for me. He has worked closely with me on several projects and has the same attention to detail as if he were designing it for himself. His services are sought after by firms with high visibility and quite likely you've seen his work without knowing it.


Donald C. Manuel, Alfred, ME

Don is one of those people whom I've known for over 25 years. He is a licensed master electrician. When a job requires changes in lighting or upgrades to wiring, Don is my first call. Finding a reputable electrician that is honest and willing to accommodate the small scale job is difficult. Knowing Don eliminates that concern.


Owen Brochu Plumbing & Heating, Alfred, ME

Owen brings quick service to a small job. His low overhead allows his experience to be available at very affordable prices. In the short time I've been dealing with Owen I feel confident that he will provide my customers with the level of quality that compliment my business.


Scott Tarbox, SET Solutions, Sanford, ME

Scott is another one of those professionals who is so down to earth that you can't help but get a good feeling from dealing with him. He works on both sides of the counter. He works as a sales rep for Sanford Flooring as well as an installer of tile, stone and similar products. His character is one that can be trusted and even though I consider him a friend he conducts business in a professional way offering value to each customer.

Metal/Asphalt Roofing:

Jeffrey N. Cyr Carpentry, Sanford, ME

Besides being my good neighbor, Jeff has been my consultant when ever a metal roof question is raised. His sign has been seen all over Sanford for a variety of projects. He is conscientious and reputable. Being a native to the locals, I am privileged to recommend his services to my customer without reservation.

Rubber Roofing:

Joe Pierce, Precision Roofing, Shapleigh, ME

Joe Pierce has proven to me that he is good at what he does. He has gone the extra mile to make things what they should be. His services include rubber membrane on low pitch and flat roof applications. Joe and his crew have been certified by the manufacturer of rubber roofing products which extend the warranty to 30 years. He has the crew and equipment to handle any size job and treats the small job with the same degree of quality as the bigger jobs.

These professionals are listed as a courtesy to my current and potential customers to keep them informed as to the type of services I offer and who my contacts are that provide these extended services. Any of these providers are independent businesses and not exclusive to my business. Each carry their own insurance and I seek no compensation for referring their service.