Meet the Repair Experts

Meet the Repair Experts

Find expert garage door repair in Sanford, ME, with The Garage Door Guy

Whether your garage door won't open or close, or it opens only halfway, or it has gotten off-track, garage doors can be tricky machines! And unfortunately, there are numerous factors that could cause a garage door to stop functioning properly and smoothly: snapped springs, damaged cables, bent tracks, and broken operators.

The good news is that Valley Garage Door Service of Sanford, Maine will come to your house and make all the needed diagnosis and repairs. We have serviced thousands of garages in our years of business and have seen it all! Our expert team understands and can skillfully replace or service all of the components of your garage doors' system, including:

• Rollers
• Drums
• Springs
• Cables
• Bearing plates
• Openers

Don't let your garage door take a day off work. Call The Garage Door Guy at (207) 651-5556 for your Sanford, ME, garage door repair today!

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